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Mid week and  Richard Blanchette, a retired major-general, says military members need to take responsibility for their own health. It may be an easy thing for this well fed, well paid Retired General to say. Yes he is correct if ear protection is provided for a non combat role. Then by all means use it. BUT in a combat situation, ear defenders are a hazard for many trades within the military. In my humble opinion  the DND is still responsible for serving members health needs. Followed by Veterans affairs, in retirement.

I can say this with hand on heart. Many years ago when I applied for a hearing aid?  I was also asked if I had Tinnitus. I said occasionally. Ottawa then said they would arrange an appointment with an audio specialist in Victoria. I received a telephone call advising me that this was the audio call. They asked me one question how often do I have ringing in my ears? I said again occasionally. That was it  that was the audio test one question by telephone. I received full payment for tinnitus?

Still on the subject of Payouts. My heart goes out to the fine Ghurkas who paid the ultimate price in KABUL. Sadly though Canada should have given them far greater assistance, with the SABRE company who hired them? The article says that SABRE has deactivated there web site. Yet I simply put the name Sabre Security in my Browser and came up with this web site….still hiring.

I do believe CANADA should not pay this lawsuit BUT should rather fight for the rights of their sub contracted employees making the company honour all payments.

Canada Day 151 is fast approaching and the biggest news is that on that Happy day the current Government will introduce Legal Marijuana…. only time will tell about the folly of this issue.

Till next time take care think of your troops and their families.

Nil Sine Labore


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