Wednesday Blurb …..History Leassons for Current PM.

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       How a tiny French town is commemorating Canadian black battalion soldiers:

It is time for our Prime Minister, to take a lesson  from this tiny French town, who after 100 years are recognising the fact that black men serving CANADA in WW1 were treated miserably by Canadians. Even though they could Perish far fro their homes and loved ones.

Memorial to Canadian forestry corps helps preserve story of black Canadians who served in WW I

May these brave Canadians Rest in Peace. We Shall Not Forget them nor their ultimate sacrifice.


I feel that our current Government do not understand Veteran at all. No concern for those who have suffered both mentally and Physically. The following story certainly upset many Veterans and their families. This man is a convicted ” COP KILLER ”  whose supposed PTSD came about while committed the most dreadful of crimes. His PTSD did not come from service to his country. Therefore VAC should NOT be paying for his treatments. Let the government find another budget to take our hard earned tax Dollars from.  To his Father who was a Veteran, I feel for his predicament, but even he should see that his convicted son, doe not require treatment paid for by fellow soldiers and Veterans. Perhaps Trudeau can recoup the cost from  Omar Khadir. The multi Millionaire Convicted murderer. Who by the way has been seen in the Senate? A severe lack of security allowing this convicted, self confessed TERRORIST into the Senate….( was he doing a recce for his Al Quada  handlers? Mark  Bonokoski says it best:

On a good news note: Course transition in the Ukraine has taken place for the Ukranian Military from Canadian Trainers.

We had a previous story on CFS Alert and this tiny base has many stories to tell, this one is of the newer aircraft flying in:

Meanwhile my memory of  ALERT is a very sad one in October of 1991 I lost a damned good friend and comrade MWO Tom Jardine, as well as  others in a crash  just shy of Alert>     In memory of the personnel who died in the crash of Hercules 130322 on October 30, 1991.
   Capt Couch JP 435 Sqn Edmonton
Capt Trepanier JP, CD CFCC HQ
MWO Jardine JT, CD CFB Trenton
WO Grimsley R, CD CFCC HQ
Mcpl Pitre JR, CD 435 Sqn Edmonton”     



Many former members of 437(T) Sqn remember Tom Jardine, a true Canadian who loved his country. May they all continue to RIP.

Please remember to wear something Red this upcoming Friday to remember your Canadian Military, their families and our Veterans of all conflicts.

Nil Sine Labore


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