Worrying News from the General Assembly…..Speech by TRUMP

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                                       SUPPORT YOUR TROOPS T H A N K Y O U

As Edmonton  gets its first Snowfall of 2017 bbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrr.

The Donald use his time to address the United Nations, this after saying it was a useless institution a few months back. He has once again Taunted North Korea with threats. This time of total  “ANNIHILATION”

NOUN : complete destruction or obliteration:

“the threat of global annihilation”

This threat could well lead to WW3. A threat that the world does not need, with so many natural disasters happening around the globe. Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Forest fires, Floods  to mention but a few.                                                                                                                                           The survivors and rescuers tasked to the limits to rescue and rebuild. TRAGIC.  The North Korean Ambassador to the UN stormed out during Trump’s rant to the UN.  I say again President Donal Trump is  a danger to the world and to himself. He obviously does not think through what he is going to ramble on about , with hundreds of Hand gestures?     Trump the businessman has increased sales of Weapons to South Korea and other allies?





As a former soldier of the so called “COLD WAR, I fear for my children and Grandchildren, If Canada enters WW3 we will once again see convoys along the “Highway of Heroes”. This I am sure most Canadians will not wish to see happening.

Prayers go out to all the people of Mexico and the various Islands of the Caribbean who are battling Mother Nature.

May the survivors of these tragedies recover and rebuild their lives.

As WW2 veterans slip away to their advance party a story of TRUE Love of a soldier and his war bride, both have passed away within hours of one another. An excellent  WW2 video of War Brides in this article. May they be blessed  and be seated  at the right hand of God.


REST IN PEACE Jean and George Spear

A little bit of WW2 History that does not get a lot of mention nor accolades: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/magazine-41310678/the-women-who-fed-the-uk-in-world-war-two

Strong women in dangerous times  Bravo Zulu to all the women who fought the war farming for all.

This story  was in the papers yesterday but overshadowed by Mother Nature:


RIP Submariners.

For your viewing and listening pleasure this web site will be carrying all the nes of the Invictus Games in Toronto this month:


Invictus Games Toronto 2017 Toronto

Till the games stay safe HUG a Vet and please  have a prayer or a thought for our soldiers, sailors and airmen serving around the world.

Nil Sine Labore






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