trump munchkins detain Victoria Cross Winner at JFK airport

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I do realise that this ban has been put on hold for a moment, or at least until the US Courts clear this ban up.

There are many things going through my head about this specific incident. This young man has done more for the world’s fight against Terrorism than trump and his cronies. What a disgrace for an allied country to detain the man who earned his VC for Bravery.

I tend to wonder if any US soldiers who have served in Iraq may be detained?


L/Cpl Johnson Beharry Remembrance day Service.

As many people of the world at large, realise this so called president is indeed a dangerous leader. Who still cannot get out of his Tweets, he wants to be the bully of the Globe. His personal motto seems to be MY WAY or not at all. Compromise is certainly not part of his vocabulary limited though that may be.



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